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Exploring education, society, leadership and how to design a meaningful life.


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Short official bio

Iesha Small is an author, speaker and Head of Strategy at national youth charity YHA.

She has particular interests in creating a fairer society, mental health and designing a meaningful life.

Iesha has previously been a school leader, maths teacher, governor and education researcher. She has written about education and society for The Guardian, TES and Schools Week. Iesha has contributed to various books covering education, mental health, and gender. Her writing has also explored masculinity in music.  She is the author of “The Unexpected Leader”, which explores the human side of leadership.

Iesha can be found online at and @ieshasmall on Twitter

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The Unexpected Leader: Lessons from school leaders who don’t fit the mould, Crown, (2019)

Digital Dilemmas: Transforming Gender Identities and Power Relations in Everyday Life (contributing author), Palgrave McMillan (2019)

What is Masculinity? Why Does it matter? And other Big Questions (contributing author), Wayland, (2019)

A place to call home: Understanding Youth Homelessness, LKMco (2017). Summary version here

The Talent Challenge: The looming teacher recruitment crisis in England’s state schools and what to do about it, LKMco, (2017)

Mindshackles: Personal stories of reclaiming life from mental ill health, (2013-2016)

Don’t change the light bulbs: A compendium of expertise from the UK’s most switched-on educators (contributing author), Crown House, (2014)

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