Iesha Small
use your uniqueness to add value

I believe that all people should have equality of opportunity and life chances should not be affected by where you were born or what you were born as.
Work with me to make this a reality.



Why me?

I’ve actively worked to create social change for about 14 years. As a senior associate at LKMco think tank, I am skilled at approaching major societal problems from different points of view and considering practical and effective solutions. I lead on projects that allow corporate clients to shape the conversation around issues they are passionate about that positively impact young people in our society.

As a highly effective teacher and senior leader in schools, I’ve found ways to use my personal experience and stories to connect with staff at all levels and young people to help them achieve what they didn’t know they were capable of.

As a senior leader, speaker, coach and trainer I have taught other leaders the skills to be their authentic selves in order to impact those they manage and their organisations.

As a writer and creative, I am able to explore controversial subjects such as mental health and introverted leaders and communicate them in ways that surprise, inform and empower people.

I have learned how to turn what many would consider setbacks and disadvantages into opportunities and learning points. I have learnt how to use my experiences of depression, being open about my sexuality at interview and making mistakes as a leader as ways to connect with others and grow whilst still becoming a highly respected professional in my field.

I can help you turn your perceived weakness into strength.

I believe that

  • Every one of us can use our unique experiences and personal story to do good in the world (and improve things for ourselves and others).
  • Great relationships are essential to life and work.
  • Every person should have equal opportunity to succeed
    • Where ever they were born
    • Whoever they were born as
  • Creativity is essential for a fulfilled work and personal life
  • Curiosity and growth are necessary for excellence


I want to work with leaders and organisations across all sectors who

  • Want to use their personal story to do good and improve things for others
  • Are demonstrably serious about social and personal change
  • Are great company and who I can learn from
  • Are great at what they do and want to improve
  • Challenge the status quo (in their organisation, industry or society)
  • Are authentic and have integrity
  • Reward those who add value


If you found yourself nodding to this we should talk. Contact me to talk about coaching, speaking, training, writing or any other way you feel I can help you.

I can help you to use your uniqueness to add value

  • To yourself
  • To your organisation
  • To your industry
  • To your world