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My Book


I wrote a book for school leaders who want to find a way to be great at their jobs while being authentic and true to themselves but feel they don’t fit the traditional leadership mould. It’s published by award winning independent publisher Crown House and you can pre-order it on Amazon for yourself or as a gift for somebody who you feel will relate to it.

Praise for The Unexpected Leader

“This book is very self-effacing about leadership and provides reflective lessons on leadership within schools. Iesha’s candour is illuminating and her writing style is easily accessible for all. I could relate to each of the senior leaders being interviewed in the book and I wish I had known some of these things when I first started out on my leadership journey.  I would encourage others to “READ. REFLECT and PONDER”  as there is much to learn from each leadership experience that is explored throughout the book. The authenticity of the author and of those being interviewed leaps off every page. Iesha reflects on each individual’s experiences and gleans nuggets of learning for leaders across the education field”

Claire-Marie Cuthbert,

CEO of the Evolve Trust.

“This brave and honest book gives a personal insight into the complexities and demands of school leadership. While hundreds of books have been published on this topic, Iesha tackles issues of work-load, impostor-syndrome and mental health through the stories of real people. Through these stories, the implications of some of the challenges in the education system, teacher recruitment and retention, funding and accountability, are all brought to life.

Through her refreshingly simple yet convincing narrative, Iesha challenges the stereo-type of great leaders and tells us it’s okay to be different. The experiences she has gathered, together with her own analysis of the lessons we can learn, provides an invaluable resource for teachers, leaders and policy-makers alike.”

Natalie Perera,

Executive Director and Head of Research, Education Policy Institute