Iesha Small

writer, thinker, experimenter

Exploring society, education, nature and a meaningful life.


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Who is Iesha Small?

I have an engineer’s logic fused with an artist’s creativity and a detective’s curiosity. My career has been driven by the desire to create a fairer society. My first name is pronounced “eye-ee-sha.”

I am an experienced leader in national organisations with a remit across England and Wales as Head of Change for Education and Families at The Youth Endowment Fund and Head of Strategy and Policy at youth and outdoor charity, YHA. I have senior leadership and board level experience across the public and not for profit sector as an assistant headteacher and member of the Natural England Landscape Advisory Panel.

I am a skilled communicator and have written for various media, including The Guardian and HuffPost. A published author, my personal commissions have included speaking and broadcasting for a wide variety of audiences. My personal clients have included The National Theatre, Oxford University Press and BBC Radio 4.

young black woman standing on a path with green mountains and a lake behind her in the distance.If you’d like to find out some more about me, this profile is a good place to start. My thoughts about why I no longer believe in social mobility and why I don’t blame people for choosing not to come out as gay may also be of interest. I love nature and the outdoors and am currently on a quest to visit all 15 of the UK’s national parks- I only have 3 left to go.

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