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Find a place to say what you want

I thought that I couldn’t write about leadership because I’m not in a leadership position anymore. But people still ask me things. I still notice things and I’m still interested in how leaders can affect organisations to create lasting positive change.

I realised I can write about what I want.

So can you.

Yesterday I attended the book launch for The Good Immigrant. It’s the kind of book that mainstream publishers may have shied away from because it tackles issues of immigration and race. So the people involved decided that they’d write it anyway and crowd fund it. They found people who would support them and were interested in what they were saying and then made it happen.

My takeaway this week? If you don’t like the conversation being had then change it. If you feel you can’t change it where you are. Find somewhere that you can.

It may be in a different room.

It may be in a different building.

Perhaps it’s with different people.

But there will be a place for it.

Change the conversation. Or start a new one.


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Find a place to say what you want