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Beach Haiku

a person lying on a beach looking out to sea with another person in the distance

Taken by the sea at Dungeness, Kent


waves lapping on shore

distant thoughts circling my mind

stop thinking, just be


Earlier, the 7 year olds had to write haiku as part of their remote learning. Their teachers set a variety of photographs as writing prompts, one was a photograph of a tropical beach scene.

At the time of writing it is Groundhog Day. At the time of writing it is Groundhog Day. At the time of writing it is Groundhog Day. I am in England but my work calendar shows me American holidays and I’ve not yet got around to changing the settings. Being reminded of this particular foreign holiday seems apt. Being in Lockdown 3.0 can feel repetitive at times, just like the experience of Bill Murray’s character in the 1993 Groundhog Day film.

Murray was eventually released from the cycle he was trapped in when he learnt how to stop being a knob and appreciate what was around him. When I noticed the fun the kids were having writing their haiku, I decided to join in. Then I realised I was also taking some of my own previous advice on how to find creativity when the world around you has shrunk.   


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Beach Haiku