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7 questions to cut through fakeness online

7 questions to cut through online BS

1. Do they talk about failure as well as success?
2. Does anybody in their real life recommend them and support them?
3. Does anybody who has worked with them before rave about them (without pay)?
4. Can you see results after people you know have worked with them?
5. Is the advice generic or is it clear it’s from experience and trying themselves?
6. Do they have long standing relationships?
7. Are they generous with their knowledge?

Theres a lot of bluster online. Big claims.

I can spot who is full of big chat but can’t back it up straight away. So can my followers.

It’s not about numbers or titles – it’s what people say and do. On and offline.

Do due diligence.

I say what I say on here and LinkedIn because I have receipts.

People in my real professional and personal life are here going back 20 years and will drag me if I’m not truthful.

I’m always learning. Accountability is good.

Investigate your gurus. In real life and here.

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7 questions to cut through fakeness online