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Don't do it for the money

From time to time jobs come up in schools. Maybe your school, maybe other schools. Perhaps a TLR with additional responsibilities or perhaps a completely new role. Whatever it is can I just say, if the only reason you are applying is that it’s more money than you get paid now, don’t do it.

Most jobs in teaching don’t really pay enough to match the extra time commitment and responsibility that additional or new roles command. That’s a fact. Talk to heads of department, heads of year, gifted and talented coordinators etc if you don’t believe me. If it’s a big enough role you may get a slightly reduced timetable but its never really adequate.

So why apply then? Lots of reasons. To expand your skills base, to have more impact, to improve outcomes for more kids, because you feel you can do it better than the jokers you’ve seen do it before. There are as many motivators as the are people but if you only apply for the extra money or a shiny new title with a bit more status, you’ll be disappointed, stressed and frustrated.

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Don't do it for the money