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Here’s why I rave about Premier Inn’s customer service

Premier Inn’s customer service is unmatched…

Here’s why I love them.

I’ve stayed in high end hotels and had a great time. Free upgrades to suites. A bed that could comfortably sleep more than four people etc etc…

But you know who I rave about?

Premier Inn.

A few years ago I checked into Premier Inn Manchester. I was on a work trip and it was late. I arrived from London just before midnight.

I got to reception and the guy said I wasn’t booked in.

I checked. Yeah I am.

“No, sorry.”

Then he looked again.

“Oh you are. It’s for tomorrow.”

I’d booked in a hurry and messed up. Oh poo!

“No problem madam, I’ll look for a spare room.”


“Oh sorry, we are fully booked it’s busy tonight.”


“Ok I’ll check our other city centre locations.”

Thank God.

“Oh. They are all booked too.”

Starting to sweat now. Where was I going to sleep? It was past midnight. Looks like everyone was in Manchester for business stays that night.

Do you know what he did?

My guy called a load of competitor local hotels and explained the situation. He arranged for me to be transferred the nearest nice hotel with a vacancy at no extra cost. He sorted the transport too.

Remember it had been my mistake. He didn’t have to do that. He may even have refunded me. I can’t remember now.

Whenever I think of customer service I think of that time

I want to solve my clients’ problems and build great relationships

Sometimes that means doing what’s best for them and not immediately for me. Sometimes that means sharing info from somebody with competing services. Sometimes it means saying we prob aren’t a great fit now but come back when you are ready. Sometimes it means giving them my free stuff that may be useful if they aren’t ready for my paid stuff.

So what. Life is good. Karma is cool.

I can’t remember the name of the hotel I was transferred to. But Premier Inn? I’ve booked with them countless times since.

What’s the best customer service you’ve received? Email me to let me know!

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Here’s why I rave about Premier Inn’s customer service