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Reminder: things are more important than work

Some things are more important than work.

My brother called to say Grandad was dying. He probably wouldn’t make it to the end of the day. But if I came now there still might be time.

I was delivering residential leadership training in the midlands.

My brother and my extended family were in London at my nan and grandad’s house.

It was a 3+ hours journey if I left right now and I’d probably still be too late.

I told my co-facilitators and I left.

I cried silently to myself for the whole train journey to Marylebone. I can’t remember any of the journey on the tube down to the end of the Northern Line.

I was a snotty, red-eyed mess and I didn’t care.

When I got to my nan’s it was too late. Grandad was gone.

I sat with my dad, my aunts and my cousins while we spoke about Grandad and laughed about his massive baseball mitten hands.

I stayed in the room while my nan prepared his body. She used to be a nurse and wanted to do it herself.

I’ve never seen anything so beautiful and brutal and tender. It was her final act of love and devotion.

I already knew that I’d be too late when my brother had called. A few hours before.

But I wanted to try anyway.

A chance to say a final goodbye to 40 years of stability and unconditional love in my life was more important than work.

Was it the right decision?

This happened four years ago and I know I made the right decision.

Work is cool but relationships always come first. Never forget that.

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Reminder: things are more important than work