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Here’s who should be involved in hiring

Only let your best people be involved in hiring.

You’ll regret it if you don’t …

A players want to work with other A players

They’ll hire people they know they can respect. People they can learn from. Real recognises real.

C players don’t want to be threatened.

They’ll hire people who don’t show them up.

I’ve worked in a few places with A players only. I left them better than I went in.

They were vibes.

When I hire, I look for A players

I’ve worked in more mixed places. It was frustrating.

Like the one place that told me they decided it might be too much work to aim for outstanding.

Wow. Strategically aiming for mediocrity.

I quit in my head straight away.

A players or C players. I know what I prefer.

Build your career like an entrepreneur.

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Here’s who should be involved in hiring