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How I stopped networking from being boring

I got networking wrong.

What I thought networking was

Rubbish snacks
Surface level conversations
Clock watching to see when I could leave

Then I decided life was too short for that. Even if it was part of my job. Even if it was what everybody else did

If I was going to network I’d make it vibes.

Now my networking looks like this

Muddy walks in the woods
Jerk chicken in the garden
Interesting chats in the DMs
Loud laughter over mulled wine
A WhatsApp while I make my toast
Geeking out about strength training
Mutual appreciation of garage tunes
Bringing my son to help rate the canapés
Dancing to bangers wearing a queen tiara
Leaving a voice note bc I don’t want to call
Being the last people to leave in the resturant
Connection over experience of social mobility
Staying home in the warm as it’s cold outside
Realising your name reminds me of a book title
Laughing bc we’ve had the same prick interviewer.

I’ve built great professional relationships remotely and in person, in professional settings and random places.

Switch it up

If your networking is boring then switch it up – do stuff you want to do with people you like and respect.

Exciting things happen. Real connection is made.

People create opportunities for people they like who are good at what they do.

Build your career like an entrepreneur.

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How I stopped networking from being boring