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How to improve recruitment for social mobility

Blind recruitment means well but doesn’t work.

Names are removed but pattern matching still exists. You are still looking for the same signals people can do the job.

Type of experience
Type of education
Type of sector knowledge

So often you’ll still get the same type of people.

Things to look for when hiring to improve social mobility

– Evidence of being proactive
– Evidence of learning quickly
– Evidence of applying learning
– Evidence of interest in the field/role you are hiring for

3 Things to look for when hiring to improve social mobility in senior roles

– Evidence of handling conflict
– Evidence of self reflection and improving on mistakes
– Evidence of developing others in some way

Accept the evidence from any area of the candidate’s life.

I have experienced interviewers who are used to hiring people from different walks of life on the panel.

Or who have a varied career background themselves and know what to look for and how to ask follow up questions that show people at their best.

Embrace flexible working

Offer hybrid/remote and flexible working so you aren’t location dependent. This also opens things up for and people with caring responsibilities and chronic health conditions.

Be transparent about money

Advertise roles with clear salary offer so people know if they can afford to take the role and so that people without networks in the field don’t have to guess what to ask for and end up being underpaid.

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How to improve recruitment for social mobility