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I’ve been hybrid networking for 20 years

I met my wife online 22 years ago. I’ve never used a dating site.

I don’t know if you are meant to swipe left or right…

But I met my wife online in 2002.

In 2002 people were still putting personal ads in newspapers.

Anyone remember

We met on which doesn’t exist now.

Where else would a young woman in the closet go to find other queers? I was too scared to go to gay/lesbian bars on my own.

Anyone remember Netscape?

I probably searched for the website via Netscape because not everyone used Google then.

I’d chat in the evening in my dressing gown while my mum was out then clear the search history on the family computer.

I was actually looking for somebody to go clubbing with. Nothing else.

We got chatting and decided to meet for a drink fairly quickly. She worked near my uni. We didn’t even know what each other looked like. Closet life innit?

Then we kept meeting. And that was that. Ironically she isn’t a big clubber and is teetotal but never mind.

For years we told people that we met in the Purple Turtle in Camden (London) – which was technically true.

Talking online to strangers was weird to the mainstream in 2002. Only geeks and gay people did it.

Luckily I’m both so I didn’t give it much thought.

I’ve been building skills for hybrid networking and connection for 20+ years without realising. Now I use them professionally too.

Build your career like an entrepreneur.

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I’ve been hybrid networking for 20 years