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How to make LinkedIn less boring

I never saw the point of LinkedIn. It was boring. Just recruiters and people saying they’d got new jobs.

I was all in on Twitter. I tweeted professional stuff, random stuff, political stuff, funny stuff.

There weren’t any gatekeepers. Influential people in my field were on it in the evenings so I chatted to them in DMs.

I made real friends. Professional connections.

I got commissioned to write. Noticed by a book publisher. And was even asked to go on national TV and radio.

There was no need for LinkedIn.

Then I got fed up with Twitter/X – I was seeing more annoying feeds. The vibe was getting dark. I felt angry and sad a lot.

Time to go.

I deleted the app. Erased my account. I left my niche but hyper-engaged following and deleted all social media.

Except LinkedIn.

My friend told me it was useful professionally. I couldn’t really see how.

It was so dead. No vibes.

But ok.

In September 2023, I decided to write daily. I didn’t want to overload my newsletter fam, so I thought why not LinkedIn?

Nobody would see it anyway. Just recruiters.

So I started writing.

Then I decided I’d make it fun – like Twitter back when I enjoyed it.

6 things I did to make LinkedIn less boring

I’d be myself.
I’d write about my expertise. Sometimes I’d be random.
I’d accept connection requests.
Have interesting DM chat.
Talk to anybody interesting. Whatever they did.
Ask questions out of curiosity.

Turns out LinkedIn in can be vibes. My LinkedIn was dry because I was dry. I brought an unseasoned version of myself.

Now I’m here fully marinated. Bursting with flavour.

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How to make LinkedIn less boring