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Why listening helped me to write better online

I didn’t know what to write online because I wasn’t listening enough.

I used to be stuck writing ideas online. It was a struggle to write every day. I had to rack my brain.

Force it. It was long.

What I started doing

I started asking questions and listening.

I listened to what people told me on sales calls. I listened to what contacts told me in real life. I listened to what people asked me in email and DM.

What I noticed

I noticed what people wrote in comments. I noticed sticking points with paying clients. I noticed sticking points in my day job

And then I had unlimited ideas. It got easy.

The results

I had enough questions for a 90 minute LinkedIn Live. I have days of posts on my phone. My audience and clients talk to me.

I listen.

Then I write for them. Sometimes I create products for them. Sometimes they buy.

That’s it.

I’ll be taking that learning into my day job as a Head of Communications.

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Why listening helped me to write better online