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People, people, its all about people

Everything is about people, leadership, teaching, other organisations. Let’s not forget that (236 words).

If you asked most people about what schools are about they’ll say education. This is true and it’s what I probably would have said if you asked me a while ago.

I’ve had a bit of an epiphany in recent years. Schools are about people.  We trade in ideas but actually, the very best schools are about people.

The development of people.

Their ideas.

Their beliefs.

Their confidence.

Their motivation.

Note- that I didn’t say children. I said people.

That’s the pupils, the staff, the community, the parents.

People don’t want to be barked at like dogs.

You don’t get the best out of people via control.

People don’t thrive in cultures of fear.

People want to be seen, to be recognised, to be acknowledged.

People will do their best in cultures of autonomy where they feel they can impact things.

People want to be trusted and know they’ll be supported to be better if they make a mistake.

The number one resource in a school is the people inside it. The biggest expenditure, the biggest source of potential (and in the current climate) revenue generation.

If, as a teacher,  you forget that your job is about people not just facts or your lesson objectives then you are an idiot.

If, as a leader or manager, you forget that your job is about people not just results then you are a clown.

I’ve been both of the above and I’m sure there will be occasions when I make mistakes again but ultimately I know it’s about people and I’ll always come back to that.


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People, people, its all about people