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How to rescue a rubbish day

Sometimes we can get overwhelmed by events. At times like this, acknowledging the good in others can help (365 words)

A couple of months ago, I went for an interview for a job. I didn’t get it. I was hugely disappointed. I’d like to tell you that I thought, ‘Oh well, their loss,’ but I didn’t. Temporarily, I descended into a pit of despair and thought about how I’d never be able to get to where knew I could be. I disappeared to bed and wallowed.

After an hour or so, I got over myself. For over a year now, before I go to bed, I’ve been writing down three things every day that I’m grateful for in any aspect of my life. It’s quite illuminating and it’s amazing how much doing that can change your perspective.

So I decided to stop concentrating on my disappointment and say thank you to a few people in my life. I had a couple of cards that I had bought for specific friends which I’d not yet sent, so I wrote those and sent them. Then I sent an entirely cheesy text to my cousin telling him how proud I was of him for a few things that he’s done recently and how much he inspired me. This was an unusual act, we usually talk about the stock market, business and creativity. Interestingly, within about 10 mins I got a lovely and entirely unexpected text back from him thanking me and saying how proud he was of me for a few specific things too.

After about an hour, I felt much better. Job? What job? They didn’t deserve me. I had great people in my life and there would be other opportunities.

At work, I keep a pack of ‘Thank You’ cards in my drawer. I hand write them occasionally and randomly to let colleagues, know I’ve noticed them and valued a specific thing that they have done. It’s 2 mins well spent and always turns around a bad day.

So next time you are having a bad day, register it, acknowledge it and move on. Then focus on other people for a bit and see what happens.

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How to rescue a rubbish day