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Secrets of well connected people

You know that friend who knows absolutely everyone?

Or that colleague where you mention that you are going to Blackpool and they go into a story about how they met the mayor there on a night out and now it’s their kid’s God parent?

I think of those types as superhubs

They just seem to know everyone.

Everyone in your professional field, topic of interests or local area and then really random links to other unexpected people too.

Well over the years of knowing a few superhubs.

They all have one thing in common

They all connect people in their network to other people they know who they think will be interesting.

Like human versions of the Netflix, Twitter/X or LinkedIn algorithm.

So today I’m shouting out to (some of) my superhubs:

Loic Menzies Anita Kerwin-Nye Anna Trethewey david mcqueen Dewbien Plummer Mahlon Evans-Sinclair Hardip Begol Cath Murray Gail Gibbons

Who are your superhubs?

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Secrets of well connected people