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What you shouldn’t publicly write about

Writing publicly is not therapy.

Writing is thinking.
Writing is creating.
Writing is processing.
Writing is communicating.
Writing is exploring.
Writing is connecting.

You know what writing isn’t?

Therapy. Therapy is therapy.

If you are writing (or speaking) publicly about personal and potentially vulnerable topics. Make sure they are things you’ve addressed and processed properly first.

Until then keep it for your journal or people you can really trust.

I write publicly about lots of things. Some of it is potentially vulnerable because of my personal story. Mental health. Failure. Sexuality. Social mobility.

I’ve also had therapy on and off for about 20 years.

I never write or speak publicly about anything I haven’t already worked through myself or with people who know and love me.

Look after yourself (and each other).

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What you shouldn’t publicly write about