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How I invested £15k in my health, relationships and careers

In 2023 I invested £15,000 in my health, relationships and career. Here’s how…

I invested money

– Coaching (help with career)
– Therapy (improve mental health)
– Professional club (improve community)
– Hosting groups of friends and family more
– Business coaching (improve cashflow)

I invested time

– 5 month sabbatical after resigning my job
– Spending extra time with family and friends
– A few holidays and overnight getaways
– New experiences for a different perspective
– Visiting nan, in hospital for months (stroke)
Writing every weekday in public
– Developing new skills which would help with a career pivot or my own consultancy

I invested attention

– Activities and people that moved me in the direction I wanted to go in
– Noticing patterns and beliefs that weren’t working for me any more

£15,000 was a bargain

I spent about £15,000 investing in myself in 2023 (excluding loss of earnings from 5 months off).

Cheaper than a taught MSc in Engineering and Innovation and Entrepreneurship at my old university (£19,300).

My year of personalised investing in myself and developing/healing my body, mind, career and relationships was a bargain.

I did a career pivot to become a head of communications, reset my life and started a new, profitable side business.

Where are you investing your time, money and attention in this year?

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How I invested £15k in my health, relationships and careers