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45 ways I have failed

45 ways I’ve failed:

I lost the memo telling me to flex on LinkedIn

1. I failed to get into Cambridge
2. I failed to get a job at Woolworths
3. I failed the Lego task at Gap
4. I failed my 2nd year of uni
5. I failed at bunking off from school
6. I failed my dentist appointment
7. I failed to go to marriage counselling
8. I failed to stay asleep
9. I failed my driving test
10. I failed to notice I’d joined a cult
11. I failed to send Tom* a bereavement card
12. I failed to understand my Dad
13. I failed spectacularly at an interview
14. I failed to get into medical school
15. I failed to protect my kids
16. I failed to remember to eat
17. I failed to write a decent CV
18. I failed to do a presentation that made sense
19. I failed to remember I had Emile Sande tickets
20. I failed to report sexual harassment at work
21. I failed to complete the school timetable
22. I failed to talk in my therapy sessions (for a year)
23. I failed to understand what somatic therapy really was 👀
24. I failed to ask for help
25. I failed to recognise my grief
26. I failed to sell double glazing
27. I failed to sell advertising
28. I failed to protect my mental health
29. I failed to visit somebody I loved who was sectioned
30. I failed to recognise my skill
31. I failed to deal with a hostile audience
32. I failed to leave a toxic work environment
33. I failed to jump in front of a tube train (National Suicide Prevention Day)
34. I failed to get a job offer at Credit Suisse/Goldman Sachs
35. I failed to back my computer up for over a year
36. I failed at hobbies being fun
37. I failed to complete a professional qualification
38. I failed to be on time for Model United Nations
39. I failed to make it to the loo in time
40. I failed to come out of the closet
41. I failed to say yes to the hot girl I liked
42. I failed at friendship
43. I failed to get internally promoted
44. I failed my performance review
45. I failed to use free FA Cup tickets

Fear of failure can hold us back

But if we haven’t failed we probably haven’t been trying to do anything hard.

I work with leaders who want to career pivot. My clients are pushing themselves out of their comfort zone:

“You are challenging me but in a good way”

Failure is just a learning point. Keep going.

Build your career like an entrepreneur.

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45 ways I have failed